HK firearms official store is a professional, certified and authorized HK firearms dealer with licensed sales teams and licenses to legally offer our products. All HK firearms official items are manufactured by HK, licensed by HKIAC or used authentic HK firearms parts and components. HK firearms official always supplies high quality gun accessories and has aimed at providing customers with affordable but cost-effective products as well as exceptional service. HK firearms official is one of the best firearm manufactures in the world with ar15 and ar10 rifles, shotguns and pistols as well as a wide selection of accessories. The high quality rifles from HK firearms official deliver exceptional performance, reliability and accuracy. Each rifle is manufactured to meet exacting standards, including a 100% inspection rate by the company’s own armorers. The HK handguns are used by military forces around the world while civilian models are available to hunters, competitive shooters and law enforcement officers.

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