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The SP5K is built upon the same reliable operating system found in the HK MP5 and HK94, but it is a semi automatic, blowback operated carbine. It has a retractable stock, ambidextrous controls and comes with a GL Shockwave Brace as standard equipment. The stock can be locked back into a fixed position by depressing a paddle on the left side of the rear reciever. HK Mp/Sp 5 guns is a full length semi-automatic shotgun. It's built on a polymer receiver and comes in 12 gauge, with 3 various chokes. 

HK Mp/Sp 5 guns are chambered in 9mm and they have a unique vertically-reciprocating mechanism that feeds 9mm ammunition straight into the breech, making the rivet gun fully ambidextrous. The trigger mechanism has 3 positions for different types of drills: for drilling and for driving at a push or pull action.

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A true powerhouse, this Heckler & Koch handgun is as reliable as it is accurate. Featuring a 5” barrel and adjustable LEM trigger, you will be able to enjoy a smooth trigger pull every time. Compact design makes it easy to carry in an effective concealed carry holster, perfect for any situation where you are forced to use your handgun. The handgun is the most popular weapon system in the world today. To achieve this position, H&K has incorporated specialized features which have resulted in an extremely reliable and accurate weapon system that is suitable for any professional. The ultimate goal of a law enforcement agency or military unit armed with this highly dependable firearm will result in their ability to prevail in any given battlefield situation.

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